My children will learn rest when I am at rest.

My children will learn to forgive when I forgive them.
My children will learn to love as I love them.
My children will learn to show mercy and kindness as I show mercy and kindness

Motherhood is...
Not cleaning, sewing, cooking
Not late night feedings.
Not late night rockings.
Not hair messed up, shirt with a stain, or cereal on the floor.

Remaining calm so they learn peace
Loving them when they do their best
Forgiveness when a wrong takes place
Loving them when they do their least

Not dirty, stinky, strange-color diapers
Not making the bed (three times)
Not organizing the toys (100 times)
Not marker on the carpet or smudges on the glass

Joy when they cry to get their way
Loving them when they whine
Mercy when they break your dish
Loving them all the time

Motherhood is…
Loving… to teach them to love
Showing mercy… to teach them to show mercy
Forgiving… to teach them to forgive
Seeking joy… to teach them to seek joy
Repentance…to show them the Gospel

I want to be the kind of mother who recognizes that I am constantly a teacher, whether I choose to be or not. By looking at my attitude, actions, and especially my reactions to things that happen, what am I teaching them?

By having patience when they ask “why” for the 1,000 time today I am teaching him patience.
By not getting angry when he throws a huge tantrum in the store, I am teaching him mercy and forgiveness – maybe even self-control.
By repenting when I do something wrong, I am teaching him the first step of being right with God.