Already All I Need

I have been nesting lately.  I do like that I get things done when these "nesting" tendencies overcome me - but I do not like the feelings of being overwhelmed.  It causes me to take my eyes off of my Savior and Sustainer.  I look at all that I want to get done, and I get discouraged and irritable. 

So God sent me a little reminder this past week in a song by Christy Nockels
"Already All I Need"

Asking where You are, Lord.
Wondering where You’ve been.
Is like standing in a hurricane, trying to find the wind.
And hoping for Your mercy to meet me where I am.
Is forgetting that Your thoughts for me, outnumber the sand.
You filled the sun with morning light.
You bid the moon to lead the night.
You clothe the lilies bright and beautiful.

You’re already all I need.
Already everything that I could hope for.
You’re already all I need.
You’ve already set me free.
Already making me.
More like You.
You’re already all I need.
Jesus, You’re already all I need.

Walking through this life without Your freedom in my heart.
Is like holding onto shackles that You have torn apart.
So remind me of Your promises.
And all that You have done.
In this world I will have trouble.
But You have overcome.
And every gift that I receive.
You determine just for me.
But nothing I desire compares with You.

In Your fullness.
You’re my all in all.
In Your healing.
I’m forever made whole.
In Your freedom.
Your love overflows.
And carries me.
You carry me.