Abide in Christ: The Twelfth Day

Abide in Christ
by Andrew Murray
God Himself will establish you in Him.
"He which established us with you in Christ,...is God." II Cor. 1:21
"What they (Christians) need is the simple faith that the establishing in Christ, day by day, is God's work - a work that He delights to do, in spite of all our weakness and unfaithfulness, if we will but trust Him for it."
"I have a God to see that each day I become more firmly united to Christ...Expect it confidently, ask it fervently.  Count on God to do His work."
God will do it.  It seems to be the theme of the past few days.  I cannot come to Jesus but through the will and call of the Father.  I cannot abide in Jesus but through the will and call of the Father.  It strikes against my self-reliant nature to rely on the Father for even my abiding.  Yet, what hope waits with trusting God in the abiding!? I cannot hope to abide the way I desire on my own.  I have tried it.  I have felt the highs and lows of abiding in my own strength.  Like a roller coaster ride, I am at the whim of my own abilities.  They will fail me every time.  Now, it is clear from scripture, that God will do it.  God will establish me in Christ.  It is God's work, and the Ultimate, Faithful God will do what He says!  How many times have I told children "God does what He says....He keeps His promises."  He has promised this thing: "being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ" Phil. 1:6. He will do it.  What peace awaits me, when I place my trust in that promise.

O Faithful God, You have promised many things.  You have promised to do the work of establishing me in Christ.  Let me rest in that.  Let me stop striving to abide, and just abide. Amen.


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