Friday Favorites - Pete the Cat

Have you seen these cute kid's books? 

With silly illustrations, clever rhymes, and a good message - the books are great for kids ages 2-12!

Our very first Pete the Cat book was:

In this book, Pete walks through life with his favorite white shoes.  He is just singing along, until - UH OH! He steps in....well, you will just have to find out what Pete steps in!  In the end, Pete learns a valuable lesson about no matter what happens in life, to just keep walking.  This book is great for color practice as well.

We also love.....

This is one of our favorite Pete the Cat books.  My boys love the surprise twist at the end of the book. They laugh every time!  What happens when Pete loses all of his four groovy buttons?  You have to read and find out.  Along with numbers and subtraction, this book also offers a lesson in how to handle life when we lose our things.

You might want to also check out some other Pete the Cat books.


With a beginner reader, we also have used the Beginning Reader Pete the Cat series as well!


Click HERE for the whole Pete the Cat series some extras and other fun activities!

Also, check out Pinterest, as there are several fun activities to do with Pete the Cat as well!

Happy Friday!

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