Friday Favorites - Slugs and Bugs

Sharing with you some of my favorite kid-music.  Here is sample of one of the silly songs!

Randy Goodgame's "Slugs and Bugs" is a fun collection of songs that are great for kids, but moms and dads will find entertaining as well!  Written by a great Christian artist, the songs also include tunes like "God Makes Messy Things Beautiful" and "Tell it to Jesus."  Along with the silly songs, these songs remind kids that God can help them through anything.  I can literally put these songs on in the car and - BAM! - quiet.  Being the boys that they are, our favorite song is probably the "Under Where?" song from the album "Slugs and Bugs: Under Where?Imagine songs with "cheese dip" and "riding on dragons" lyrics. You can see that they ar. e full of fun. 

I also love that they created "Slugs and Bugs Sing the Bible."  I found the perfect song for learning not only learning the New Testament books of the Bible but the Old Testament books as well (which is a lot harder to memorize!).

We can't wait to get the "Slugs and Bugs Christmas"!!

Not sure we should listen to "Slugs and Bugs Lullaby" in the car - but good for kids that listen to music at night!

Joining Momfessionals for....

Happy Friday!!

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