Summer Link-Up Party - Birthday Party Ideas!

Happy Summertime Mommas!

About this time every year I start to flip through Pintrest looking for fun activities for my kids.  It is hard because I see lots of ideas, but have no idea if they actually work or are even worth all of the effort to get them ready! 

This year, no worries!  We have made it easy for you!

In my family, birthdays were always a big deal. We had cake, balloons, streamers, and lots of family and friends! With all three having their birhdays in the summer, my biggest summer-time activities include planning and pulling off their birthdays!

I usually start out by scanning pinterest for ideas. I copy and paste the pictures of the things I want to do (food, decorations, cake) into a Word document. Then, I start planning and executing the ideas! Usually I have to make a lot of the things myself. To save you time and energy, I have include a few ideas via google documents.

Titus had a Seasame Street birthday when he turned two.

Here is a link for the Door Sign I made to look like the Sesame Street sign. You can print it on green and yellow paper.  Here is a link for samples of the Food Signs I made. I printed off these characters on card stock, cut them out, and hung them around the room.

When Jack turned five he had a construction birthday

Here is a sample of the invitation. I also made some yield and caution signs. We printed those on bright orange paper. I decorated with cheap caution tape bought at a local hardware shop!

His cake was super easy! We found the cool candles at Birthday Express. They also have a lot of awesome decorations!

This year, Jack wanted a pirate birthday. The food signs were found at How to Nest for Less. She had a lot of other free printable things there as well.

The invitation I designed myself. You can see it here in pdf form: Pirate Invitation. We kept it simple by decorating in black and red balloons.  I recreated this sign from an idea off of pinterest.

I found a very cool cupcake design at Its Always Autumn. They were super easy to do and everyone loved them!


He told us that it was his "best birthday ever!"

Yes, this momma cried a few little tears thinking about her "baby" turning six!

All Kinds of Things
Check out what my co-hosts are sharing about on their blogs! They each are such great mommas with wonderful ideas I know you will be inspired by!

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  1. Super cute & oh, so fun!!

  2. what cute parties!!! my little one turns 1 in july and i cannot wait to get on the cute birthday party train :) love your ideas! xox

  3. both parties turned out great!! such fun ideas! excited to have discovered you through this link-up! :)

  4. These are so cute! I'm sure your son was so excited!

  5. Birthdays are a big deal at our house too!!! So fun!

  6. Anonymous26.5.14

    So much fun! My fav is the pirate chest with treasure on the cupcake. Adorable. I had a blast doing my Mickey Party this year. http://www.adoptionmamablog.com/mickey-mouse-3rd-birthday-party-for-rome/
    Another down with many more in my future...YAY!