Friday Favorites - Best Reads for May 2014

Today's Friday Favorites is:

 Best Reads for May 2014
For Fiction:

Set in the 1950s, this book follows the life of Abra Matthews, a women abandoned as an infant.  She struggles to fit in and find a family.  Although raised in a loving home, she turns her back and runs away to Hollywood.  Thinking she has burned all of her bridges back home, she stays away from those who love her.  Francine Rivers is one of my favorite fiction authors.  Anything you read by her will be excellent.  She weaves truths from scripture into the plot and characters.  For this story, she drew from Ezekiel 16, where God compares Israel to an abandoned newborn, whom He nourishes and trains, only to have the child turn her back on Him in the end.  We see this in Abra's story, but also in our own.  Bridge to Haven is a story that reminds us no matter how far we run away, God is always waiting to bring us home, giving us love and forgiveness.

For Nonfiction:


Most of Russell Moore's other books are focused on theology and doctrine. This book is completely different.  Although I did not read it this month, Adopted for Life is always on my mind.  It was this book that God used to draw both Jason and I torward adoption.  Moore does an excellent job of bringing together the idea that Christians are adopted in God's family, and that should motivate us to be a part of the earthly adoption of children.  He deals with issues such as racial identity, navigating the red tape, and what is really at stake when we talk about adoption.  You cannot read this book without being convicted to join the adoption movement.  Although not written to explain policies or procedures for adoption it is still a must-read for all Christians.  For those who are considering or might know someone adopting, this book is a great resource! 
*You can also check out more adoption books at my Adoption Page.


  1. These look like some great books. I haven't read a Francine Rivers in a long time. Checking this one out this summer!

  2. Redeeming Love- Is anyone more amazing than Francine? I have to read this other one of hers you've mentioned!!