Abide in Christ: The Nineteenth Day

Abide in Christ
by Andrew Murray
In Affliction and Trial
"And every branch that beareth fruit, He purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit." John 15:2
"Pray for grace to see in every trouble, small or great, the Father's finger pointing to Jesus, and saying, Abide in Him."

"The Holy Spirit is the Comforter, not only because He can suggest comforting thoughts of God's love, but far more because He makes us holy, and brings us into close union with Christ and with God."

Christ is there when trials come.  He is there to teach and to comfort.  We seem to want the comfort first and then the teaching.  Sometimes we do not even want the teaching, and only comfort.  Murray reminds us that God's first aim during trials is to teach us.  Yet, He does not neglect the second, which is to comfort.   The two go together. In becoming more like Christ, we find comfort.  We also have the promise of "bearing much fruit."  Christ knows that we will grow in spiritual things when we go through troubles.  I can look back at things in my life and give testimony to how the hardships brought forth much fruit. Can you? 

Lord, guide me during times of trial to abide in You.  You are nearer to me than any trouble.  You are ever close and loving, teaching me Your ways. Amen.

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