Abide in Christ: Eighth Day

Abide in Christ
by Andrew Murray
As your righteousness
But of Him are ye in Christ Jesus, who of God is made unto us wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption. - I Cor. 1:30
"The union to Jesus has effected a change not only in the relation to God, but in the personal state before God."
"Live your daily life in the full consciousness of being righteous in God's sight, an object of delight and pleasure in Christ."
What do you see when you look in the mirror?  If your heart wore clothes, what would they look like?
I can tell you, that before reading today's devotional, what I would have said: I am wearing tattered, hand-me-downs. I have holes in my jeans (and not the fashionable ones). I have a dirty shirt (maybe with some baby food smeared on it). One word: UGLY. If I looked in the mirror at my heart, I would cringe - remembering all the times I've raised my voice today, spoken a harsh word, thought a bad thought.  I would see my heart in the light of all the ugliness that sin has caused. 
Friend, that is NOT what God sees.  If we are in Christ, born again, saved, redeemed, rescued, we are none of those things!  We have the very imputed righteousness of Christ!  In the Bible, Christ's righteousness is described as "white robes." Christ's righteousness given to us (imputed to us) is surly a mystery.  Scholars have argued over the exact meaning of Romans 3:21-26 and other similar passages.  The one thing we can remember is: we do not need be ashamed.  Christ has clothed us with His righteousness.  Picture putting away your old, dirty dress that no longer fits right and putting on a brand-new wedding dress!  You are pure. You are beautiful! You are fresh and new!  You are right before God!  Live your life reminding yourself of this truth: Christ's righteousness is Yours!
Lord, I walk around holding on to guilt from past mistakes.  Help me put off these old clothes and remember that my white garments are all that You see me in! Amen.

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