Abide in Christ: The Seventeenth Day

Abide in Christ
by Andrew Murray
Through the Holy Spirit
"The anointing which ye have received of Him, abideth in you...and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in Him." - I John 2:27
"Above all He [the Holy Spirit] is the bond of fellowship between Christ and believers; He is the life-sap through which Vine and branch grow into real and living oneness; by Him we are one."

"if we would have the Spirit to guide us into the abiding life, our first need is quiet and restful faith."

Believe that the Holy Spirit will do the work of the abiding.  Even if you do not understand it, believe it to be true.  He is the great cord that binds us to the Father and Son.  Do not forget that our God is surly three persons.  We focus on the "three" and the great mystery of the Trinity, that we forget each of the three are actually persons.  They are separate and individual.  It cannot make sense to our intellect at times, but it is true nonetheless.  The Holy Spirit is the person we are to always be yielding.  He lives in us.  He breaths life into us.  He is the key to daily abiding.  We are to always be praying, reading Scripture, whenever we have a moment - we must keep that communion with the Spirit open. 

Lord, let me live today in devotion to yielding to the Spirit.  I cannot think of tomorrow.  Or even the next moment.  Let me live in the present and yield myself to You now. Amen.

On a Practical Note:
I used to be in the habit in leaving my Bible open on the kitchen counter.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  I prepare meals, clean, etc.  I would try and take 3-5 minutes here and there to read God's word.  I used to be frustrated that I could not finish a passage without interruptions.  But those interruptions are my life.  Life is full of side roads and rabbit trails.  It is not important that I "finish" a passage anymore, it is important that I continually read.  In reading and praying all day long, I am more connecting to the Spirit and ultimately the Holy Spirit will connect me to Christ.

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