Abide in Christ: The Sixteenth Day

Abide in Christ
by Andrew Murray
Forsaking all for Him
"I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ...And be found in Him." - Phil. 3:8-9
"Only in the emptiness that comes from the parting with what we have, that the Divine fullness can flow in."

"It is only into the thirst of an empty soul that the streams of living waters flow. Ever thirsting is the secret of never thirsting."

What are we to forsake?
Sin. Sin no longer has power over me.  I am no longer in chains to sin.  I do not have to lie.  I do not have to be angry.  I do not have to hurt or harm.  We are commanded to forsake sin.  To argue that we will never be sin-free is a poor excuse.  We are to forsake all, and all means sin.
Self-righteousness. We are to give up the idea that we can do anything apart from God.  We cannot do any good deed.  Our hearts are desperately wicked.  In us there is no good thing.  We are only righteous through Christ.  We have no righteousness of our own.
Occupations and Possessions. All of our work, all of our things, are gifts from God.  We are to give them up.  This does not mean stop doing the work or give away all your things.  It means, stop making work the most important thing in life.  Stop making things the most important thing in life.
Our very Spiritual Gifts.  Christ desires even our talents and gifts to be given to Him. Our abilities will not make us abide in Christ.
The only way to abide is to surrender.

Lord, surrender is a hard word.  Let me learn to surrender daily.  I must die everyday to sin, self-righteousness, my work and possessions, and my own abilities. Amen.

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