Abide in Christ: The Twenty-Sixth Day

Abide in Christ
by Andrew Murray
And in Love to the Brethren
"This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you." - John 15:12
"Amid all diversity of character or of creed, of language, or of station, they are to prove that love has made them members of one body, and of each other, and has taught them each to forget and sacrifice self for the sake of the other."

"[We are to love] not simply with the liking that rests on points of agreement, but with the holy love that takes hold of the unworthiest, and bears with the most disagreeable for Jesus' sake."

"Understand that He who gave the command in such close connection with His teaching about the Vine and the abiding in Him, gave us in that the assurance that we have only to abide in Him to be able to love like HIM."

I admit it.  I *sighed* at the thought of loving others (especially other Christians) - it seemed way too hard. Rarely do we look at the context of this command.  We are commanded to love after learning first to abide.  When we abide in Jesus and His love is overflowing in our hearts, we can trust Him to help us love others.  It will not be our love that is poured out, but His. When we love each other, we have the proof that we are abiding.

"Let the vow that not an unkind word of others shall ever be heard from our lips be laid trustingly at His feet."
We can truly promise to love better and better - to not say unkind words - because we have a Trustworthy Confident.  Our bitter tears can run over and into His hands.  They can stay there, and not enter our mouths in unkindness to others.

Lord, Oh God, You knew I needed to hear these words today.  Forgive me.  I am so guilty of unkind and unloving words.  Pour out your grace and mercy on my heart.  Let me be more guided by the Spirit and led by Him.  Let me trust You with my frustrations, anger, bitterness, and fears.  I need not pour out those unkind things on others, when You have my heart. Amen.

check it out:
"Abide in Christ" by Andrew Murray

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