Lesson #2

Lesson #2 - A crisis usually only last a few minutes.

Sometimes things are so crazy that you want to scream, cry, or hide away - and mostly you want to do all three.  I did not experience this on a daily basis until I had two. I can only imagine what number three will do to change it up.

A typical crisis:
The baby has a huge dirty diaper. My toddler won't stop screaming and crying because he has lost something. The phone is ringing. I have dinner in the oven and the buzzer suddenly just went off. The dog is barking. The cat is scratching on the back of the couch.

I read an awesome book this past fall Loving the Little Years - by Rachel Jankovic. She made the observation that has changed the way I try to look at a crisis.  She observed that usually a "hairy" moment lasts no more than twenty minutes.  She suggested that when something is starting, look at the clock and figure that in twenty minutes it will be over.

It has helped me not to be so overwhelmed and paralyzed during a crisis. I get to work and try to do only one thing at a time. (I am only human, even though I am a mom.) In less than twenty minutes all is passed.  It is true.  The crying does eventually stop. I can call anyone back (or they can call me back). Dinner won't burn in two minutes and if it does, there is always pizza!

If you are interested in the book, check out this website as well.

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