Lesson #4

Lesson #4
A clean room is something children are supposed to mess up.

Children play.
Children make messes while they play.
Exceptions of course are those rooms and things that don't belong to them, that have been off limits.

A "toy room" and their own bedroom should be messy. It should just be an everyday thing for you clean those rooms (most often more than once a day).  Older children can help, but if you have younger children who have a hard time just focusing on a task for more than 3 minutes, then it is up to you.

A messy room is hard for them to play in.  They see everything out on the floor and are so overwhelmed as to what to play with, that they won't play in it. 

Who wants to play (or work for that matter) in a dirty, cluttered room? I don't. Why would I expect my children to?

A messed up room is something of a compliment. It means they approve of your cleaning and appreciate it. You are making a "home" for them.

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