Lesson #5

Lesson # 5 - This is a season.

Everything I go through is simply a season of life.
The author of Ecclesiastes was right that everything has its time.
Time is measurable.
Time begins and ends.
Grieving is a season.
Life itself is made up of seasons.

I remember a time when I had my first born and he was about six weeks old. He cried a lot then. There were times when I would have to lay him down and walk away. He would cry in his crib and I would go and sit on the couch and cry.

Somewhere along the way I realized that this would not be my life indefinitely. (Maybe it was the little old ladies at church who would constantly tell me to "enjoy" this age.) I made up my mind that I would focus on the fact that eventually things would change. 
Children grow.
I would grow.
And I did grow.

Now, I have two toddlers. Surprise to me that when my second one came, the crying did not bother me near as much. I had changed, grown, and matured.

When I am overwhelmed with thoughts of my life at a "dead-in" because I'm not teaching or my days seem to be on "repeat." - I tell myself that this is a season.

I can tell you from my little 3 years of experience that life may seem to go really slow when things are hard, but instead of focusing on those things that are not "right" - focus on the One who is beyond time.

My God holds time in His hands. There is no beginning or end with Him. He is seeing the big picture and changing you to be more like Him. The goal is not to "survive" all the time. Although, it is ok to live days just surviving. The goal is to be more like Christ. After a hard thing, look back, and pray God changes you through the hard thing.

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