Survial Day

I wrote in Lesson #5 that a goal as mothers should not be to "survive." We are to remember to enjoy this time with our children because time marches on and they will grow. 

Ok, I still believe that with all my heart, but today is a Survival Day.  We all have them.  I am not going to be self-righteous to think that just trying to love each moment and embracing each day with joy solves all problems. 

Mothers strive.
Mothers survive.

Today is a survive type of day for me. 

We will all have those days when the sun comes up, and 10 seconds later so do our children.  And we just feel like covering our heads with the blanket and drifting back to sleep. 

Mothers strive.

Mothers survive.

Today my goal is to have happy, healthy, dressed children. 

Whether we get to practice letters and numbers may or may not happen.  Whether I clean the basement as planned, is not the priority.  I will strive only to survive. Whether I have dinner or not is not my concern.

Lots of reasons will come through your life that cause you to have Survival Days. 
It may be a day that your loved one passed away.
It may be a day that a child is sick and demanding.
It may be a day that is just raining and depressing, and so is your mood.
It may be a day in the middle of the week and you think, how can I make it until Saturday?

Mothers strive.
Mothers survive.

It is ok to only survive today.  Give yourself a day, or two at the most. Rest.

But tomorrow - wake up and ask the Lord to give you more strength than to just survive.  Ask Him to wake you up and help you embrace the day.

Just don't beat yourself down if today is a Survival Day.

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