What is abiding?

To live in, study, meditate, memoriaze, His Word.  Let that Word live out in my daily life, especially as I show love to others.

"The Father, the Husbandman, watches over your union with and growth in the Vine.  You need be nothing more than a branch.  Only a branch!  Let that be your watchword; it will lead in the path of continual surrender to Christ's working, of true obedience to His every command, of joyjul expectancy of all His grace.  Is there anyone who now asks: "How can I learn to say this aright, 'Only a branch!' and live it out?"  Dear soul, the character of a branch, its strength and the fruit it bears, depend entirely upon the Vine...Therefore worship and trust Him; let Him be your one deisre adn the one occupation of your heart."
-Andrew Murray

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