Abide in Christ: Third Day

Abide in Christ
by Andrew Murray
Trusting Him to keep you
I follow after, if that I may apprehend that for which also I am apprehended of Christ Jesus - Phil. 3:12
Where does the strength come from to Abide?
"Dear souls! How little they know that the abiding in Christ is just meant for the weak, and so beautifully suited to their feebleness...Our part is simply to yield, to trust, and to wait for what He has engaged to perform."
"The idea they have of grace is this: that their conversion and pardon are God's work, but now, in gratitude to God, it is their work to live as Christians and follow Jesus...The grace to come and the grace to abide are alike from Him alone."
"It is because Jesus has taken hold of me, and because Jesus keeps me, that I dare to say, 'Saviour, I abide in Thee.'"
There is no strength but Christ's. It is Christ who saved, it is Christ who sanctifies.  I am guilty everyday in thinking that this Christian life of abiding is too hard.  I see it as unattainable as holiness.  So many people say "I'll never be holy," so they stop striving for it.  Forgetting, that holiness is commanded (I Peter 1:16). Forgetting, that through Christ, all things are possible (Matt.19:26). Abiding, too, can be seen as a unreachable goal.  Abiding is only for the "super-Christians."  Murray rightly argues that abiding is for the weak.  We take Christ's yoke because it is easy! In our weakness, is Christ's strength made perfect (2 Cor. 12:9).  If you did nothing to earn your salvation, what then, can you do to keep it?  What then, can you do to live a life of abiding?  Our duty is simple:
yield - surrender (see previous post), give up those secret hidden areas of your life that you are holding onto.
trust - lift your arms to your Heavenly Father and let Him hold you, believing He will do what He says.
wait- let Him work in you and stop striving.
Heavenly Father, I lift my feeble, frail life to you.  I have no strength apart from You. I've trusted you with my salvation, let me trust You with this abiding.  Grace is enough to cover my sins and Grace is enough to keep me. Amen.
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