Newly In-Loves

So I can't sleep. It is midnight...and I think I'm just thinking about tomorrow. I need to go to the bank....call the plumber...walk...get back on the wagon with my eating right.

I'm thinking of a few people I know who are engaged, getting engaged...ect. I'm thinking about my marriage. I'm thinking about what I would like to tell them if I could be honest, truthful, and blunt.

I think I would tell them...

Four years ago I didn't picture myself here. Grown up. Thinking about kids.

Thinking about a house. Thinking about planning my dinners and grocery lists. I've grown so much since he asked me, while on one knee, to marry him. Marriage isn't what I thought it would be. In a good and bad way.

We have so much passion in our relationship. It spills over and floods my heart. I drown in the happiness sometimes. It's wonderful. That is what I would tell these "newly in-loves."

However, to be honest....The passion spills over in other ways as well. Just as passionately as we are in love....we can hate and be angry just as passionately. It is scary. I think of couples who I can't imagine fighting...the "perfect-we've-got-it-all-together-people." I think that why they might not fight is because they lack the passion. My love and I are so in love and have such passionately feelings for each other, that the enemy uses that against us. We've fought so much more since we've been married than when we dated. I'm sure there are lots of reasons for that...living together...personally clashes...but really, I think its because we live passionately.

So, for the newly in-loves.....Live and love passionately, but don't be discouraged (like I was/am) when you fight passionately too. Learn to forgive. Learn to love even the ugly parts of your partner. That's what I've learned in just 3 short years of marriage.

And read "Sacred Marriage" - I'm reading again and learning and being encouraged with the simple theme of:

"What if marriage is meant to make you HOLY, and not make you HAPPY"

-Just a thought :-)

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