A New Year

What will this year bring?

-So askes millions of people around the world.

Marriages (divorces)
Births (deaths)

Living and loving

For me, another baby? Another house? Another job? Who knows? I've come to see that God knows the plan, but doesn't always tell us what it is.

I'm ready, Lord. Bring it on!

I want to grow closer to God.
- Read my Bible more.
- Start a prayer journal.
I want to grow closer to Jason.
I want to be an encouragement to those around me.

Please, Lord, guide me to a closer relationship with You. I want to know You more. I want to WANT You more. Lord, draw me closer. I am the boat. You are the shore. Tie me to your dock and don't let me stray too far out to sea alone.

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