A little time to brag...

So, I want to take a moment and brag on my little boy. He is getting to be so big! He can now pull himself up and crawl. (However if it is a long distance, he just plops on his belly and pulls himself along that way). He can pull up in the standing position pretty well. He has had a few topples that way, but he's getting better. He is getting into everything!! I love it! :-) I know, most people are like "I hate him going and getting into everything" But I love it that he is getting to be an explorer! He goes to bed so well! Even for nap times he hardly cries now. I know that tomorrow could change all of that, but we can hope! Anyway, I am so happy to see him growing...yet...I'm sad that my little infant is turning into a baby and soon will be a toddler.

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