Beyond Understanding

He counts the stars
and assigns each a name.
Our Lord is great, with limitless strength;
we'll never comprehend what He knows and does.
Ps. 147:4-5

Your knowledge is amazing to me;
it is more than I can understand.
Ps. 139:6

Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised;
And His greatness is unsearchable.
Ps. 145:3

But as for me, I will always have hope;
I will praise You more and more.
My mouth will tell of Your righteousness,
of Your salvation all day long,
though I know not its measure.
Ps. 71:14-15

I've been reading a certain blog lately (I won't put a link here because I disagree with everything he has to say).  He is denouncing all of the things that Christians believe (but still claiming to be a Christian?).  His basis boils down to the fact that he can't logically explain everything about God, the Bible, and Jesus.  So he has to change what he believes in order for it to "make sense" to him.  But in simple terms:  he lacks faith!  Think of Abraham and his faith.  What God asked him to do didn't make logical sense!?  But Abraham's faith was what was counted for righteousness.  It takes faith to believe certain things about the Bible and Jesus and God. 
This blogger reminds me of the man spoken of in these verses.  He talks and talks and talks circles around every argument.  But deep down it is pride!

Psalm 12:2-4, 6-7
They speak idly everyone with his neighbor;
With flattering lips and a double heart they speak.
May the Lord cut off all flattering lips
And the tongue that speaks proud things,
Who have said,
"With our tongue we will prevail;
Our lips are our own;
Who is lord over us?"
The Words of the Lord are pure words,
Like silver tried in a furnance of earth,
Purified seven times.
You shall keep them, O Lord,
You shall preserve them from this generation forever.

It is a great comfort to me that God will perserve His Words though the ages.  I may not understand everything about creation or God Himself.  But I can have faith that God reveals what He wants and is taking care of the rest.  I pray that I don't become so prideful or arrogant to assume that I can "out-think" God.

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