God's Goodness and Peace

The meek shall inherit the earth,
And shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.
Psalm 37:11

I will listen to God the Lord.
He has ordered peace for those who worship Him.
Don't let them go back to foolishness.
God will soon save those who respect Him,
and His glory will be seen in our land.
Love and truth belong to God's people;
goodness and peace will be theirs.
On earth people will be loyal to God,
and God's goodness will shine down from heaven.
The Lord will give His goodness,
and the land will give its crops.
Goodness will go before God
and prepare the way for Him.
Psalm 85:8-9

Look at those who are honest and good,
for a wonderful future awaits those who love peace.
Psalm 37:37

What more do we seek in this life than goodness and peace? 
God is the source of it.

O Lord, thank you that You not only give us good things, You are good.  Thank You fora ll the good things You have given me, but of everything I have, You are my most valued possession.  I love You so much!  You are the source of peace in my life.  When I try to live my life without connecting to You, it all seems so empty.  Fill me with Your Spirit so that peace might reign in my life. Amen.

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