Hello Spring, Goodbye Winter

Yesterday we went to the park...it was such a pretty day - warm too.
I even got a little sunburned. (After this winter, I didn't care at all.)
  I was happy to be in the sunlight.

Goodbye Winter,
Hello Spring!

Wecome back, old friend
Winter is at an end.

The warm breezes blow
It is finally time to sow.

You have been gone
For far, far too long.

The rain is cool and clean
Rays of sunlight gleam.

The birds are full of joy
The wind whispers of more.

The flowers shyly drop in
Bringing a smile to our chin.

Trees bend and blow
To bow before Your throne.

The color that can be seen,
Is every shade of green.

We salute you, Spring
We love you, our dear King.

Your beauty, oh so dear.
Your ways are bright and clear.

No more dark nights
Will come with you in sight.

The days will be splended
The nights not so shaded.

Your presence fills us with light.
We are awaiting Your sight.

Abide with us for weeks.
Let Yourlove kiss our cheeks.

Blue skies.
Warm breezes.
Soft colors.
Quiet nights.
Faithful days.

The Return of Spring (and Our King)

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