The Wingfeathers

I have always loved children's books.  So much is hidden among the pages that even those who have seen a few more years of life can glimpse a precious jewel among the simplest of stories.  One of the newest additions to children's literature is Andrew Peterson.  I know I have shared quite a few of his songs here, but let me take a moment to share his newest story-telling adventure:
The Wingfeather Saga

The story follows three children in a mysterious land called Anniera.  The children learn secrets about the Dark Sea of Darkness, discover hidden jewels, run for their lives, and learn about weakness, strength, and most importantly - love.  Janner is the oldest and the brave protector.  Tink, or Kalmar, is the second and although rash and impulsive, under goes the most change.  Leeli, the youngest and the only daughter, seems to be the glue that holds them all together.  Not only is the story extremely original and full of imagination, it is so packed with theology that it speaks to the very soul of a person. 
It is a great read for adults, teenagers, and children.  I have shared it with my husband, my mom, my aunt, my cousin, and two other families at church.  They all love it!

The first is

The second is

The third is

(The last book has yet to be written.)
Each book is unique and inspiring.  You must read them in order.
I must warn you, I cried at the end of each one.  A good cry though.  Happy - sorrowful all at once!  Rarely does a book make me cry, yet here I am, wiping away tears from the end of "The Monster in the Hollows" at this moment! 
For a good, fun, exciting, deeply moving experience, pick up
The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson
Buy at the Rabbit Room, you might even get it signed by him if you do!

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