Finding Joy and Loving Your Home

It isn't like I loath spending time at home and being a mother. But joy sure is missing on some days. (ok, most days)

I asked the Lord to show Himself to me today. I really thought that it would mean that I wouldn't get frustrated or irritated or even raise my voice. Sadly, even before ten o'clock, I did all three. Instead of feeling defeated and totally forgetting the heartfelt prayer I prayed to my Lord this morning, I embrace it. I say: "How Lord, can I see you through my lack of self-control?  Do you see me here?"

He gently sends me a song:
His eye is on the sparrow, and I sing because He loves me and I sing because I am free
His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He is watching me.

He gently sends me encouragement and rebuke in this wonderful article today.

Here is a sample:

God does not want a bunch of women at home with discontent and fussy spirits, and He does not want us at home burying our talent in the ground. The Lord wants us here to do His work, to do what we are able to do. He wants our children to grow up in a place of joyful and loving faithfulness. If we struggle with joy, it is not as though there is no hope. We simply need to look for some tangible ways to love our homes, and our calling in them. And if we struggle with fulfillment, we need to look for some tangible ways to respect the work we are doing. Honor your calling by working hard, by pushing yourself to grow, to learn, to give. When you love, the object of that love grows more lovely. When you respect, the object of that respect becomes more worthy of it.

By God’s grace, a home that is full of both love and respect will become a place of joyful influence and potent comfort, a place that overflows with loveliness.

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