Monday Needs

When we are sick and tired it seems that we all but lose sight of God. Last night I was dreading today.  I cried a little thinking of being by myself with the boys while I was sick and tired.  My husband had been off for almost four days and it was back to reality, Monday Morning.

As I lie in bed this morning, I think about my attitude.  I think of something our Pastor said yesterday at church.

God promises to meet all our needs, but do we see that we even have needs?  Do we admit to God, "I am in need of everything!"  For us to see God meeting our needs, we must realize what our needs were.

I admitted this morning, in bed, that I need Him today.  It was obvious that I would, as the nausea filled my stomach.  So, I admitted that I need Him.  I asked Him to meet my needs,
whatever those needs might be.

It is only ten o'clock.  I still fell nausea, Jack has gotten two or three spankings, and Titus has ruined only a couple of papers.  I checked our bank balance and realized we had 0 - but God is meeting our needs.

God is meeting my needs today.  I haven't thrown-up, we have done a little school and our Cubbie book, and laundry is going.

God is meeting my needs by filling me with His strength to do the things I need to do.  It may not be much.  I might have the least productive day of all, but at least God is with me.

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