New Year

I know it is January 31, and writing a "New Year's" post is very late, but I will do it anyway.

New Year means:
New Beginnings.
New Struggles.

Our new beginnings:
a new little one to welcome to our family and the world.

Our new struggles:
financial difficulties are piling on and it is only January.

I have been reminded lately of God as Jehovah-Jireh.
It means that "God is Provider, or provides."
It does not mean that God will provide, it means that He already has.
If you want the full story, read Genesis 22.

Going through struggles and having to trust God is something that all Christians should expect.
Yet when the struggles, trials, and temptations come - we act surprised and completely taken aback.
Do not let our culture fool you.  We are not entitled to a problem-free life.  We are not even promised a problem-free year, or month, or week, or even day!

Instead, see God in His sovereignty and wisdom. See God working everything our to our good.
Not good in our circumstances, good in our hearts.

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