When the Answer is No (Part 2)

When the answer is no....update!
We shared a couple of weeks ago that Jason got a big fat NO with his job situation.  You can check it out here.
Because our God is so good and faithful, Jason was offered a job this past weekend!  He will not be starting until April - so it will be a very different 4-6 weeks having him home all the time!  The hardest part of this new job will be the schedule. He will no longer be working the typical Monday-Friday job.  It will be 7 days on and 7 days off.  The 7 days on will be hard - 7 am -7 pm.  But then he will have 7 days off!  Adjusting our family to that will be different, but oh so good!  Good because we know that God is working in our family.  Good because God is good.

God is so faithful as well.  We have seen it in so many ways during these past three weeks!

We have seen His faithfulness with provisions. He has provided for all of our needs.  A few months back God led us to start saving more and spending less.  Because of HIS faithfulness, our needs are met and will continue to be met until he starts in April.  We also have enough to continue with the adoption! Praise be to God!!

We have seen His faithfulness with timing. We did NOT understand His timing three weeks ago.  We were baffled and left stunned and unaware of what He was doing. We were thrown into the midst of a "Trust Me" moment with God. The timing could not have been more perfect though.  It was the perfect time with the adoption financially because at this point we owe the least (we will owe more towards the end of the adoption). It was the perfect time with allowing Jason to be off.  We questioned "why this way" at first. If we had been informed ahead of time that the partnership was not going to work out, then he could have had another job lined up - but GOD KNEW.  Jason has been able to help with Titus and Emmalia during a difficult time with Jack in school.  Jason has also been able to have time to read and take the necessary classes for the home study.  If he were working, he would not have had time for any for that. A bonus has been all the nice "fix-it" projects that are getting done!  I love having a hard-working husband!!

God knew that we needed it this way.  God is faithful to direct! Almost all of God's "No" answers are really a question:

"Will you trust Me?"

Say "yes" when God hands you a "no."
Say "yes" when He asks you to trust Him.
Say "yes" because His is worthy of our faith - He is faithful!

If my own little story of God's faithfulness is not enough for you:
Look in the Bible.  Evidence of His faithfulness is everywhere!

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