Coming clean....no pun intended, ok, maybe a little

I'm coming clean. I haven't been myself lately. I'll blame it on "woman" issues.....oh well.

I've cried over the following:
a commericial.
because it rained.
a really sad movie.
a really happy movie.
because my husband gets home at 6:00 pm.
a song about love.
a song about anything.
for no reason whatsoever.

I feel so lost sometimes. Like I'm a robot just going through the daily duties.
God wakes me up!

He cares about the laundry!?!
He cares about the clean floor?!?!
He cares that I am constantly going over and over and over whether I've made the right decision to stay at home.

Yes, He does....just look at the story of Mary and Martha in John 10. He cared that she was working...He acknowledged that Martha had been busy....He didn't condem her because she was working....He knows and cares about the daily duties I have!?

Lord, may I see the housework as an expression of my love for You.
Lord, may I see staying home with my son as an expression of my love for You.
Lord, may I see the daily duties as an expression of my love for You.

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