A Wednesday...

So I'm sick.

I haven't felt well since last Saturday. I'm not sick enough to just lay in bed, but sick enough to not feel like doing anything. I can get up and move and do the day-to-day...but as for getting out and walking or anything, I just don't have the energy. I don't know if its because I'm really tired (not getting much sleep) or just coming down with a cold or something. I've stayed fairly healthy this past winter. Surprisingly, not being around a bunch of kids will do that for you! Its wierd because usually I get sick, feel bad for a couple of days and then feel better. But this time its like I haven't gotten over it. I don't know....

On another note, I had a simple little answer to prayer. Last week, at the Ladies Bible study I asked the ladies to pray for me and my decision to stay home. I have been feeling a little restless and like I should be working. However, I was torn - 50/50. So...I prayed and the Lord gave me the answer. Our Bible study was on Hannah. And what struck me and stood out to me was that while Hannah had Samuel, she kept him at home and stayed with him. She didn't travel to the temple. And I had such a peace in my heart about staying home with Jack. It was suddenly very clear: stay home with him. This time is short. I know its little and not like a cure for cancer or anything, but God answered my prayer. He calmed my heart and gave me the reassurance I needed. Isn't our God great? He not only cares about the BIG things...but the tiny things like a mother's reassurance that she is down the right path.

Thank You, my God.

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