Days 1 and 2

(So, we were delayed a day because of fog in Charleston). We were supposed to leave Friday, but ended up leaving Saturday. ) *From my Journal:

We are finally in Shell! Yeah! Jack is taking a nap. Everyting went smooth Saturday. Our plane in Charleston was delayed a little but we got to Atlanta in plety of time for our flight going to Quito. Jack was so funny on the 1st flight. He didn't cry at all. He looked out the window of the plane the whole time! The flight to Quito was about 5 hours. It was a little more challenging. He was so tired. For about the first two hours he slpet. Jason and I had to take turns eating dinner. When we finally arrived in Quito (11PM), we got through customs good and then to meet David's uncle (Sixto). He took us to the guest house in Quito, owned by HJCB.

The next day, we went to a church down the road that was an English speaking church. It was neat. That afternoon the people that were taking us to Shell came to pick us up around 2PM. We had to stop "really quick" at this funeral. they said only 20 minutes. So Jason adn I walked around these gardens. The gardens were really beautiful. There was also this great view! An hour later we left.

We drove through a lot of small towns. Our driver turned out to be a good tour guide. He had been here for 44 years. We passed by mostly poor places. Most places were concrete, but some houses were just shacks. We came to this town called "Banos" - chich means "hot baths." They are known for their public baths. It was dark after we ate in Banos. We traveled more and more out in the jungle. When we finally got to Shell, they took us to the guest house. Beth met us there and let us in. The guest house here is sort of like a dorm. There are about 3-4 rooms wich a double bed and bunkbed in each room. The bathrooms are down the hallway. And that was the first day!

(Pictures from along the way to Shell)

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