Thursday Thoughts

I've been sick since Tuesday evening. Yesterday I hardly got out of bed. I had to call my mother to come and get Jack so I could rest. I was pretty miserable. I'm feeling better today, but not 100%. I sat down on the couch after he laid down this morning and realized it had been over a week since I had read my Bible. I felt refreshed, just opening it up and looking at the words. The Lord really renewed my heart with just the reading of His word. I thought, "If I had only one possession, this would be what I would chose: His Word."

I read some Psalms about praising God. I need to praise Him more. Praise Him for helping me get through my sickness yesterday, even though it was life-threatening and just one day. I need to praise Him for getting me through another bought of depression (probably why I haven't read the Bible all week). I need to praise Him for His love and mercy and grace. All of which I do not deserve, but have freely and abundantly. Thank You, Jesus.

I Praise You, O God, for Who You Are.

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