Days 8, 9, and 10

David y Beth!
Saturday and Sunday we headed home. We had to travel back to Quito on Saturday and then our plane left Sunday night at 11 PM. We arrived back into Charleston, WV USA Monday morning.

On Saturday we went to Mitad del Mundo - the Equator. (From my journal)
They had some history about the Ecuadorian Indians and about the equator. On the actually equator the guide did these expeiements to prove that it was the equator. It was pretty neat.

This was the orginal statue, before GPS found the actual equator.

On Sunday we went to these markets and bought little gifts. That afternoon we rested for our late night flight. Everything about the flight went well. Jack slept both flights. Over all we had a wonderful time! We learned a little more about missions and got to experience a totally different culture.
Two things I have taken with me:

1. God has bless my family...and will continue to bless us no matter where we are.
2. I would love to live in an "event" oriented instead of a "time" oriented culture - an event doesn't start at a particular time....just when you get there!

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