When the Darkness is Covering You

Andrew Peterson, one of my favorite artists has a new CD out....and it is so awesome! 

This one is one of my favorite songs from it:

"You Came So Close"

You could no more kill the darkness

Than you could raise the sun
And the sky was cold and black
Like the barrel of a gun

And I remember the tremble
In the words you spoke
As you balanced there on the brink
At the end of your rope

You came so close to letting go

So don't let go, 'cause you never know
Don't let go, you never know for sure

And the sky in Nashville
It can bend you low
'Cause the winter here is gray
Without a trace of snow

But there is no shadow
On the silver stars
And the colder the night is,
The closer the heavens are

And we're so close
So don't let go
'Cause this I know
Don't let go
This I know for sure:
There's still hope

What words for when the darkness overwelms you.  What hope awaits for those who know the One True God.  He is there.  Don't give up.  Don't give up hope.
Here is Andrew Peterson performing this song and explaining it.

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