When Death Comes

"When Death Comes (Wishes)"

Do photographers wish
  They had taken more pictures?

Do painters wish
  They had painted more colors?

Do artists wish
  They had drawn more lines?

Do doctors wish
  They had done more healing?

Do mothers wish
  They had given more hugs?

Do lovers wish
  They had whispered more nothings?

Do writers wish
  They had written more words?

Do musicians wish
  They had sung more songs?

Do saints wish
  They had done more praying?

Take more moments
  To be together.
Take time out
  Before death severs.

Record the life
  A life is short and long
We forget to remember
  In picture, word, or song.

We make a mistake
  We wish for more.
Live life loving
  Loving to the core.

Take that picture
Paint with color.
Draw her face.
Heal that hurt.
Squeeze and hug.
Whisper sweet nothings.
Write down the story.
Sing and play the notes.
Pray often, always.

"We are tragically deficient on enduring love and ending love well at the close of a lifetime."
-Beth Moore

Do not come to the end of a life
(a mother's, a father's, a grandmother's, a child's, or your own)
Do not come to the end of a life
   and wish for more.
God has given the time,
   measured it perfectly.
God is still God.
God is still Good.
Death has no victory.
For those in Christ.

Jack, Sarah, and Delma
(me and my grandparents)

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