Time gone.
Tears shed.
Memories clasped.
Wishes lost.
Sadness prevails.
Emptiness lingers.
Heaven gains.
Earth lost.

I miss her so.
Her laughter.
Her hugs.
Her wisdom.

I miss her house.
Her home/garden butterflies.
The bear on the bench in the hallway.
The TV room, Papa's room.

I miss her talks.
How she would just listen.
How she would advise in her subtle way.
How she would watch the TV, but you know she's not.

I miss her.
Her stylish clothes, even at 77.
Her permed hair, she no longer colored.
Her soft, long fingers.
Her dancing, sparkling eyes.

Can she just come back one more day?
To hold my sons again.
To give me a hug.
To fix me a sandwich.
To laugh with me.
To cry with me.
To tell me that she's in a better place.

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