Jeremiah 30:12-17For thus says the Lord:
Your hurt is incurable and your wound is grievous.
There is none to uphold your cause, no medicine for your wound,
no healing for you.
All your lovers have forgotten you;
they care nothing for you; for I have dealt you the blow of an enemy,
the punishment of a merciless foe,
because your guilt is great,
because your sins are flagrant.
Why do you cry out over your hurt? Your pain is incurable.
Because your guilt is great
because your sins are flagrant,
I have done these things to you.
Therefore all who devour you shall be devoured,
 and all your foes, every one of theme,
 shall go into captivity; those who plunder you shall be plundered,
and all who prey on you I will make a prey.
For I will restore health to you,
and your wounds I will heal,"
declares the Lord.

Our sin is grieving the Spirit
Our guilt is black as night
Our punishment comes swift
We no longer deserve light

We sin in the bright light of the sun
In the dark we shed the tears of shame
There is no where left to run
We cannot pass the blame

Our holiness is stained with black
Our God causes us to fall and falter
In this pit we cross our arms, sitting back
We curse the God who will call us

He speaks with a whisper of hope
Yes, punishment can be a bitter sting
We are at the end our rope
Yes, our God silently sings

Our hurts are deep from our sin
We cry from pain of the scars
He is gently pulling us in
He forgives, He loves, in His arms

In His arms we find the healing we need
His embrace offers a sweet balm
We rise up out of the pit, with His lead
He leads us with a pslam

I said, “LORD, be merciful to me; Heal my soul, for I have sinned against You.”
Pslam 41:4

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