Not Plan B

A few people so far have asked us "Why adoption?"  Maybe not in those exact words, but they are still curious as to the "why." Even filling out forms we have to answer that question.  Why would we adopt when I could just get pregnant and add to our family that way? This question comes from the idea that we already have three biological children.  I did not have any trouble getting pregnant.  All three pregnancies were relatively easy. 

Why adoption?

When Jason and I were first married, before we even tried to have kids, I knew that adoption would be on the table - but it was always in the context of "If I cannot have my own kids...." or "We will try to have our 'own kids' first, then try adoption."  Many people struggle with infertility.  It is real and it is heart-breaking.  I have feelings of guilt sometimes when I think about being able to get pregnant.  I cannot pretend to even know about their pain.

Sometimes we can see adoption as "Plan B." 

The more Jason and I have read about adoption, especially Russell Moore's book and a sermon by John Piper, we realize that adoption does not have to be "Plan B."  Adoption is just one route that you can use to become a parent. 
Adoption was always for me like a "Plan B."  It was always a second-choice and something less desirable than the first choice.  I've come to see it in a very different light. 

For God, adoption was always "Plan A." 
Ephesians 1:5 - "He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will"

We do not need to see adoption as second-rate. With God, adoption was His FIRST choice.    With God - adoption is priority. With God - adoption was everything.  With God - adoption is at the heart of the gospel.

Why did we chose adoption then?

The heart of the matter comes from the simple command to "care for the widows and orphans."  God has placed it on our hearts.  It seems trivial to say it that way, but it is the truth.  We were drawn to adoption by the Holy Spirit and after studying God's word, realized that it is a beautiful picture of our own adoption by God. So instead of asking "Why adopt?"  We are asking ourselves "Why NOT adopt?"


Russell Moore
Adopted for Life: the Priority of Adoption for Christians and Churches

John Piper
Sermon "Adoption: the Heart of the Gospel"

Quick Disclaimer:
I am NOT saying that if you are trying to have biological children first you are wrong. Or if you did adopt after struggling with infertility you did so with incorrect motives.  I am trying to encourage those that are thinking about adoption to see it in a different light. I am trying to encourage those that would adopt to see it as something just as wonderful as having biological children.

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