A New Year - A New Path

A New Year

We kicked off the New Year today by filling out our first form.  After years of praying, months of seeking council, and even more praying - we have made the decision to adopt.

We have three biological children, but always knew we wanted to add to our family.  After attending a conference three years ago on "Widows and Orphans," both our hearts were drawn to adoption.  The time finally seems right to take a step of faith and pursue it.

We have been making phone calls, writing emails, surfing the web, and reading books for the past five months trying to find the right path for us to follow.  There are so many questions to ask before you even take one step:

Domestic or International?
Private or Agency?
A healthy child or one with special needs?
An older child or baby?

We have settled on international - and have picked the country.  We have decided that we want a little girl and as long as she is younger than our youngest, she doesn't have to be a baby.  We are open to what is called "Minor Correctable Needs."  So she will more than likely have a health problem, but maybe not too severe.  We have chosen our agency.  Today we filled out the first form online.  It is real.  It is really happening.  It is hard to believe that we are finally going to do this.

We are excited.  We are nervous.  We do not know this path.  We do not know anyone personally who have adopted via this route, but we are excited to see what God has for our family.  We are praying. 

Please pray with us!  I will try to keep updates here concerning the process, but it will be a slow one (12-24 months).  My prayer for me is PATIENCE.  Waiting has never been easy for me, so I am anxious to see what God is going to teach me through this adoption process.

Here is to 2014~
Maybe we will meet our new daughter this year. :)

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