Another No and Another Yes

We (finally) received word back from our agency regarding this little waiting child. 

See Here and Here.

Our prayer was that she would be fine.  We wanted her original diagnosis to be better.  We wanted her to be developing normally and everything be fine. 

The answer was no. 

She is much worse than she was six months ago (at the time of the last report). She is no longer trying to walk or even move her legs.  Her growth has slowed.  Her condition is must worse than what was first reported.  The good news is that she is currently getting the much-needed surgery to fix her problem. 

Praise be to our God who cares for the fatherless! 
Praise be to our God who loves all orphans and has a special place in His heart for them!

We are so thankful that she is getting the medical treatment she needs, but unfortunately, she will need a lot of care throughout her entire life.  So much care, in fact, that we cannot say yes to continuing with her adoption. 

It has been a very difficult decision.  Jason and I have prayed, prayed, prayed, and prayed some more.  We discussed her condition with our doctor, parents, and friends.  All three have major hesitation.  Because of our family size, and our original criteria, we do not think this is God's will for our family.  We are saddened that we cannot move forward with her adoption. 

So we are praising God in this answer to prayer! 

We also praise God for these answered prays as well:
1. Patience. We learned a LOT about patience.
2. Protecting our hearts. We were able to guard our hearts and not get too attached. (Although it was very difficult for me!)  We will continue to pray for her.  Her little face is etched in my mind right now.  I pray that God will give her just the right family - possibly a smaller family unit or a family that is more familiar with her medical condition.  I pray that she will grow up and find God.  I pray that she will one day meet the Person who loves her more than anyone.
3. Wisdom.  We are so thankful that God gave us wisdom (and wise people surrounding us) to help us make this hard decision.

As we move forward, with another no - God has given another yes.

God's yes is in the form of the faceless little girl that will be our daughter.  He knows just who she is.  He will lead and guide us to her.  I am so thankful for answered prayer!

Our next step is finishing our home study.  This Saturday (March 29) is our final meeting with our social worker.  Please pray for that!  Two weeks from that meeting she is required to have our home study completed.  Each step is a step closer!

Thank you for caring.  Thank you for sharing in this journey with us.

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