Last Home Study Meeting

We had our last meeting for our home study this past weekend! All the paperwork is turn in.  We began this process three months ago, overwhelmed and excited.  Now, we are relieved and excited.  I did a little jump for joy when I closed the door after our social worker left.  We are taking a breath and enjoying the fact that we do not have to get a form signed, or filled out, or turned in.  We cannot begin the next step (the dossier) until our home study is completed.  

We are officially adopting from China as well. We learned from our social worker that our agency has just signed an agreement with a new orphanage in China.  In the next couple of months, more children will be available to be adopted.  It means our wait-time for being matched with a child could be significantly shorter!  The children from this orphanage are children with a variety of special needs (from minor to severe).

We see God's hand in this process throughout every detail! We have never felt so sure of something in our lives as we have felt about this adoption.  God's providence in leading us to China and His provision with finances has increased our faith.  Joy fills our hearts as we are reminded of His care and love for us. 

Please pray that
1. There will be no hiccups while our social worker writes the home study.
2. We can continue to have patience (that is harder when you don't have anything to do).
3. We will continue to see God's hand throughout this entire process.

Thank you so much for your prayers!

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