Dossier and LID

I shared with you yesterday about mailing our dossier!  I braved the post office with three small little ones and mailed it!  After our agency reviews it, they send it to Washington D.C. to be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy. Then, back to the agency again.  As soon as our agency gets the dossier back they send it to China.  This process could take up to 3-4 weeks.  My prayer is to be logged in (LID = logged in date) by the end of August!  Once our dossier is LID, we are officially on the waiting list.  We can be matched with a child anytime after that. 

Some other exciting news is that our agency is now getting referrals every 2-3 weeks instead of once a month from China.  It does not necessarily mean we will be getting a referral faster, but it does seem to to indicate that more referrals are becoming available. 

For those interested in adoption, please do not hesitate to contact me!  I would love to share with you how we made the decision to adopt as well as the process so far. You can also check out my Adoption Page.

And remember, a Back-to-School Blog Hop will be happening next Tuesday, August 5.  I am going to be featuring a School Room Makeover and a quick DIY project!

Here is a little preview:

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