Friday Favorites - The Wingfeather Saga

For today's Friday Favorites I want to share with you a great series for young and old!

Andrew Peterson is a well known singer/song writer.  A few years ago, 2011 to be exact, Jason and I attended a concert of his in Ohio.  It was at this concert that we first had our hearts touched by the idea of adoption.  We also purchased two of his books for our little ones at that concert.  We intended to read them to the boys as they got older, but we decided to read them first.  We LOVED THEM! Over the past few years he's released the last two.  They are meant to be read in order....

1. One the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness

2. North! Or Be Eaten

North! Or Be Eaten

4. The Monster in the Hollows

The Monster in the Hollows
4. The Warden and the Wolf King

The Warden and the Wolf King

The story follows three children in a land called Anniera.  Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli learn secrets about the sea, discover hidden jewels, and run for their lives. Family is an overarching theme throughout the series.  Not only is the story extremely original and full of imagination, it is also packed with lots of Biblical themes. Themes that include sin, creation, redemption, sacrifice, and more.  Without giving the ending away, I can tell you this about the last page: tears of both sorrow and joy trickled down my face.  I was so emotionally connected with the characters of the book that I dreaded the ending.  However, being the master-storyteller that he is, Peterson was able to finish the story with such grace that I did not need the story to go on.  I was completely happy with how it ended.
 It is a great read for adults, teenagers, and children. I have shared it with my husband, my mom, my aunt, my cousin, and two other families at church. They all love it!
I cannot recommend these books enough!!
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Happy Friday Everyone!

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