Honest Moments: Grace and Motherhood

Our children need so much from us.  They need us to feed them, dress them, play with them, and teach them. Some days I get so busy with the discipline and training that I forget grace.

Sometimes for me:
It is easy to correct, discipline, huff and puff, and sigh.
It is hard to love, direct, guide, listen, stay calm, and give grace.
What is grace in motherhood?
Grace is NOT loving our children - we already should do that.
Grace is NOT praising our children - we already should do that.
Grace is NOT accepting our children - we already should do that.
My sons have been fighting all day long.  They fight over a broken toy.  They argue about who gets to pick the show to watch.  They wrestle over which tricycle to ride.  By noon, I've broken up so many fights I should be a bouncer.  My temper is on a short fuse.  My headache is moving to the back of my neck.  My voice is tight with frustration.  It is finally naptime.  They disobey by not picking up their toys.  They run around screaming and playing while I try to get them to put their shoes away.  They deserve a spanking and to be sent to their room.....but instead, I read them a book.  I have them finish cleaning and putting away their things. Then, I read them a looooong book.  I let them watch a show (as long as they don't wake their sister).  I read them another book. Then I let them rest for just an hour.  That is grace.
Grace is not just biting your tongue,
     it is giving a loving word.
Grace is not just letting them off the hook,
     it is giving them a second chance to obey.
Grace is not just punishing them,
      it is allowing them to explain why they hit their sister.
**Because let's be honest - that two-year-old can provoke as well!**
Grace is not jumping to conclusions,
     it is believing the best of someone.
Children siphon so much energy from us on a daily basis that I feel empty at the end of the day.  
I don't have the energy for grace - especially on a daily basis!?

2 Corinthians 9:8
And God is able to make all grace abound toward you, that you, always having sufficiency in all things, may have an abundance for every good work.

There is our source of grace: God.
God is able to make all the grace abound to YOU, dear momma!  You will have sufficiency in ALL THINGS!

You will have grace for:
Cleaning up messes. (again)
Wiping a bottom.
Saying a kind word.
Giving a kiss.
Picking up toys.

A beautiful description of GRACE was written by Beth Moore last year.

Do not worry about running out of grace for your children, 
because our Source is an never-ending supply!!


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