Back-to-School: The Laminator

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I shared with you last week about our school room makeover, but today I'm going to share my favorite classroom tool: the laminator!
For my birthday a couple of of years ago, my aunt bought me one of my favorite gifts: my laminator. 

Most schools have their own laminator - but since I was home schooling I needed one of my own.  Although it is little, it is very handy!  This tool uses special plasic sleeves that melt together to provide a protective shield for anything you wish to perserve. 
A few tips include:
1. Use card stock when available.
2. When trimming your pictures, do not cut right to the edge of the paper.  Leave a little air space between the two laminating sheets.
3. Make sure to feed the paper in straight.
You buy special plastic sleeves, put your paper inside the sleeves, feed it through the machine, and TA-DA! It is laminated!
The sleeves are a little expensive, but if I use them wisely they will last all year.
 I've laminated flashcards, charts, graphs, visuals, and lots of other things. I cannot begin to tell you all the things you can do with a laminator! Here are a few pinterest ideas to get you started!
Make a travel board game!
Travel games! DIY - laminate printed boards from Internet and use magnets! Laminate and reuse Yahtzee sheets!
Laminate construction paper to teach personal space at the beginning of the year.
laminated construction paper to teach personal space at the beginning of the year.
Turn book pages into placemats!
An easy and fun way to bring literacy and learning to the dinner table! (Laminated placemats)
Collect fall leaves and make them into magnets.
Laminating fall leaves then making magnets! I can't wait to borrow my father's laminating machine!
After you laminate something, it becomes like a dry erase board. 
Dry Erase Notebook Page...cool!
Keep family recipes nice.
Don't let family recipe cards get ruined by kitchen spills, smudges, or old age. Protect special recipes with self-laminating sheets that are easy to wipe off. Try color-coding recipes by category, using orange for side dishes, yellow for appetizers, green for vegetables, etc.
You can find a laminator at most office or school supply stores!
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