LID - We Are Moving Forward!

Our Logged in Date (LID) is August 25, 2014!!!!

We are LID!
We are LID!!
We are LID!!!

Thank you so much for praying!  God is truly amazing - going beyond what we could even imagine.  We are so grateful that one (HUGE) step is completed.  

**Remember to check out my Adoption Timeline (at the top of the page) for more details.**

The short and long of it is: we are now waiting to be matched with a referral. Before we can be on the Waiting Child (WC) list, we need to have a conference call, which will be scheduled next week sometime.  
Some good news is about referrals that might make this process not take as long:

1. We are open to quite a few different special needs.
2. We are already LID.
3. Our agency is getting referrals every 2-3 weeks (instead of once a month like they used to).
4. When talking with my social worker today, she mentioned in passing that we couldn't wait until November to do the training because "we will more than likely have a referral by then." _ WHAT?!

We are completely expecting that the referral process will take the minimum of the six months as originally planned. HOWEVER - we are praying and hoping that God brings us to her sooner!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers.  I know that God is answering!  He has shown us great and mighty things.  We are so excited that you are a part of this journey as well.  

Just a quick question: 

If we were to have some type of fundraiser - would you be interested? Leave a comment on the blog, on Facebook, or email me.  Thanks!!

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