Minions and Rainbows - Birthday Time!

Summertime means birthday time around our house.

I shared back in May Jack's pirate-themed birthday.

June and July have pasted, so we've had two more birthdays since then!

Titus LOVES the movie Despicable Me - It was pretty clear that he would have a minion birthday party.  I have to say, of all the birthdays I've done so far - this one has been my favorite! 

All of the ideas came from Pinterest.  You can follow my Party Time Board on Pinterest - I'm always pinning fun party ideas!

Here are some snapshots of Titus' 4th Birthday:


We spray painted two-liter bottles blue and yellow. The large googly-eyes were found at Michael's and I used construction paper to make the goggles!
All of the food labels I made myself.
The cupcakes were SUPER easy to make:
1. Yellow cake mix.
2. A twinkie cut in half.
3. Black icing in a tube bought at the grocery store (in the baking isle).
4. Blue frosting 

The "Cookie Roberts" were made with construction paper, a lid from a mason jar, and paper clips.
I found free minion printables HERE. And glued them on mason jars I had spray painted yellow.  The mouths were drawn with a sharpie.
The door was made from poster paper and a large googly-eye from Michael's.
Our little Titus had so much fun!
He is our sweetheart!

For Emmalia's 2nd birthday, we did a rainbow/sunshine theme.  Here is a picture of the invitation I made:

We used streamers and balloons for all the colors of the rainbow.
I made a fruit tray and veggie tray to look like a rainbow.
And I made several felt rainbow, cloud, and sunshines - but sadly forgot to take pictures.
I did get some pictures of our little SUNSHINE, though.

Here are a few of our birthday girl and her cupcakes!

Her brothers decided to help her blow the candles out!
I love planning birthday parties, make sure to check out my Pinterest page for all the fun ideas I like to pin!

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