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She is an amazing singer/songwriter/author!
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I've seen her in the concert a couple of times and it has been amazing!  It is usually just her and her husband, Dave Heller.  He plays the guitar and she sings.  Sometimes she whips out her harmonica to play along. 

You may have heard her songs: 
 **My Boys LOVE her Boat Song and request it quite often in the car!!**

She just released a lullaby album, I Dream of You and a new book for little ones called The Golden Feather.
All of the songs on this album are perfect for littles ones - but I found some that even spoke to the little girl inside me.  The Sun Will Rise is such a great song about no matter how long the night is, God is still faithful and the sun will still rise in the morning.
 Image of Book - The Golden Feather
The Golden Feather is about a little girl telling her mommy about a dream she will dream.  It involves a unicorn, a golden feather, and a big adventure.  My boys and I loved looking for all the hidden bunnies in the book as well!

Her more recent regular ablum is so good. One of my favorite songs is Who You Are.  When the world is filled with heartache and we cannot understand what God is doing - this song reminds us that we can remember Who He is. 

Watch the music video:
 Who You Are

JJ Heller (dot) com
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