Remember to Laugh

Sharing again my "Honest Moments."
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When life is hard, we can laugh.
When life is sad, we can laugh.
When life is busy, we can laugh.
When life is confusing, we can laugh.

Ok, some things are not funny - but one thing I have come to love is this: 
My children can always make me laugh.

They can make me cry.
They can drive me insane.
They can test my very limit of patience and push me over the cliff.
And they can make me laugh.

Jack asked me if it was "pretzel" day (after getting preztels as a snack).
Titus eats a little red food dye and begins to hum like a moter boat. For no reason.  In the car.
Emmalia grabs the Minion "toot" gun and makes this face:

It isn't just the funny things they say or do.  It is in who they are.


We can laugh when everything we say is taken literally.  Jason says, "Wait to you see what's up my sleeve!?" Jack really thinks there is something inside Jason's shirt!

We can laugh when they are direct.  Little ones say what they think. They have no filter. Jack thinks something - he says it.

We can laugh at their silliness! My little ones are always doing and saying silly things.  They make silly faces. They make silly noises. They make silly mistakes.  So. Much. Silliness.  I cannot begin to tell you what all silliness happens during the day at my house!

Here are some examples of silliness that goes on - sorry for any that are blurry - sillines is hard to capture when they are moving!!

Trying to get a picture

Upside down sillines.

Stuffing our face with cotton candy.

More stuffing.


You know, just lounging.

Extreme excitement.


Look at that smile!

Sometimes we take pictures with our blocks. With socks on our hands.

After telling her to "say cheese!"

Moms of little ones know the funniest things can come out of those miniature mouths. We have stories after stories, wishing we could write it all down!

One thing we can do is write on our hearts:

I can't remember all of the times they did silly things.
No pictures are there to capture every funny moment.
I do not write down all of the quirky phrases that come from their mouths.

I can remember the laughter.  I can remember to laugh in the future as well.  When I find that life is stressful, busy, and rushed - I rarely find myself laughing.  The silliness they have all the time turns into annoying habits or loud noises. 

When I remember to laugh, I can stop and enjoy the little moments. I may not remember all of those little moments, but I can remember the feeling of slowing down and enjoying them.

Enjoy a little moment with your little one today - and laugh!


Happy Monday!
Share a funny moment with your little one below! 
We all need to laugh together today!

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